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By Andrew Shepperson

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval. (Photo: The Capital Times)
Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said “enough is enough” when it comes to the spike in gun violence Wisconsin’s capital has experienced in 2017, announcing a short-term plan to round of the cities worst offenders.
Koval shared his thoughts on the rise in violent crime in a Wednesday blog post, relaying that the city had seen a 75 percent increase in “shots fired” calls (124) and a record number of homicides (10) so far this year.
“The rhyme or reasons for this rash of incidents defy logic, are citywide, and occurring at all times of the day,” Koval said. “Our sensibilities have been shocked, our anxiety level elevated, our disdain is overwhelming, and our worst fears have been realized.”
In response to the problem, Koval promised to continue positive community engagement and said there will be a more visible police presence throughout the city, not meant to intimidate but instead to let citizens know they are trying to make their communities a safer place, capture those committing violent acts, and seize any guns that have been illegally obtained.
The spike in violence stems from a few dozen egregious offenders, Koval argued, and so his officers will be focused on nabbing


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