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By Andrew Shepperson

Guests can shoot a fixed M249 (SAW) belt fed machine gun from a Eurocopter AS350 B2 A-Star helicopter as part of a new experience offered by Machine Gun Helicopters. (Photo: Machine Gun Helicopters)
Gun lovers can now enjoy truly unique shooting experience thanks to the new company Machine Gun Helicopters based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Attempting to simulate the military door gunner experience, MGH is now offering to take customers up in a modified Eurocopter AS350 B2 A-Star helicopter and fire a fixed M249 (SAW) belt fed machine gun at targets on the desert below.
For a price of $689, customers can purchase the Door Gunner package that will allow them to ride in the helicopter and fire off 100 rounds from the belt fed machine gun, all while being safely watched and guided by MGH’s Helicopter Range Masters.
Guests will first have to undergo a comprehensive briefing and rehearsal before getting in the helicopter.
The company will operate two shoots per day, one at 7:30 am and one at 11:30 am, and guests can be picked up from the Vegas strip at designated pickup locations.
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