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By Will Dabbs, MD

Hand grenades come in two broad flavors. The German egg grenade on the left is an offensive grenade offering a lot of explosive and minimal fragmentation. The American Mk 2 on the right is a defensive grenade optimized for fragmentation effect.

The removable wire safety clip retains the spoon in the closed potion. The safety ring must be rotated before it can be removed to arm the grenade.

The earliest hand grenades were merely ceramic jars filled with Greek fire that dated back to the eighth century Byzantine Empire. The term “grenade” is drawn from the French word pomegranate. As with all contrivances we humans use to rend the mortal spark from one another, the state of the art has advanced substantially through the centuries. The hand grenade as we appreciate it today did not really come into its own until the First World War. Continued developments ultimately gave us the M67 Fragmentation Grenade in use today.

M32 40mm Grenade Launcher


Milkor Selling 40mm Army Trade-In M32 Grenade Launchers for $15K

Evolution of the M67 Frag Grenade

As recently as 1902, the British War Office declared hand grenades to be unduly dangerous for Infantry combat. Apparently nobody mentioned that to the Bosche, so the Imperial Germans perfected the early Stielhandgranate or stick …Read the Rest

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