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By Terril Hebert

For the upgraded rifle, the Italians developed the unique 7.35x51mm cartridge.

U.S.A.-( Take any general level world history course and you will find that World War II is boiled down to simplistic black and white terms. The evil Axis regimes in Germany and Japan are dealt with in straight up good vs. evil fight of gargantuan proportions. The Kingdom of Italy’s role as the third major Axis power is overlooked or ignored and it easy to see why. Benito Mussolini’s efforts to restore the Roman Empire turned into a showcase of how not to fight a war.

Needless to say, Italy is known for many things but not her martial prowess. Even her firearm manufacturing reputation is spotty. Italy has Beretta, perhaps one of the best gun makers in the world. But on the opposite side of the coin are Italy’s bizarre and bedraggled mix of military rifles and pistols–none of which draw more consternation than the Carcano family of rifles. To many, the Carcano symbolizes why Italy lost.

The Carcano is reputed to be inaccurate, malfunction-prone, and outdated with a mix of new-fangled technologies when it was released in 1891. The Kingdom of Italy had only been unified a few decades before and she …Read the Rest

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