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By Laura Burgess

Lyman Products New Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press

Lyman, an innovator in the field of case preparation and reloading, has introduced the Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press, the most feature-packed, rugged turret press on the market!

Lyman Products New Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press
Lyman Products

Middletown, Conn. ( – Lyman Products is proud to introduce the New Brass Smith All-American 8™ Turret Press. The engineers at Lyman spent years considering turret press design and how to produce a quality turret press that was feature rich and increases the efficiency of reloading without having to handle the cases constantly.

The result is the extra-large 8 station turret which is machined out of heavy duty cast iron. It is equipped with an easily removed turret bolt which makes swapping turrets simple. The 8 die station turret is the largest available and will hold two complete 4 die sets or up to four 2 die sets. Below the turret is a rigid cast iron frame, housing a 1” diameter ram and compound linkage.

The frame is large enough to work with even the longest rifle cartridges. Work the press handle and you will feel the tight precision fit and smooth operation. Unlike many competitive presses, the Brass Smith …Read the Rest

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