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By Chris Eger

The first installment in a series that will blossom into a line of pistol caliber carbines and full-on sub gun offerings, the new SMG-45 is a braced pistol in its current version. (Photo: LWRCI)
Cambridge, Maryland-based LWRC International has debuted their first pistol caliber platform, the SMG-45, which is billed as a “step-up” compared to the competition.
Teased off and on over the past several years in one form or another, the SMG series is vaporware no more as LWRCI says the first batch of .45ACP caliber pistol brace production models shipped earlier this month to distributors. While it outwardly resembles an HK UMP — and uses UMP-style mags — the SMG model is in fact built on an AR platform while using LWRCI’s own in-house short recoil/delayed blowback operating system.
With the brace folded, the overall length of the SMG-45 is just 15.3 inches. By comparison, the Micro Draco AK -style pistol is about the same size without a brace (Photo: LWRCI)
“We listened closely to shooters, operators, and customers throughout the development of this exciting new platform for LWRCI,” said David Ridley, the company’s senior VP of sales and marketing. “The SMG is truly a ‘Step-Up’ pistol-caliber carbine that offers our customers


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