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By Robert Farago


“This is the most disgusting and outrageous story we’ve read in a long time,” the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page proclaims. “Two parents who lost their daughter in the Aurora massacre are now going to be required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to the companies that armed James Holmes because of a Colorado law promoted by the National Rifle Association.” True dat. I mean the fact of the matter. The judge in Phillips v. Lucky Gunner threw out the case last month. And how. The court held that . . .

Plaintiffs have not adequately alleged their claims for negligent entrustment and public nuisance. Accordingly, these claims fail even if the sellers did not have statutory immunity.

Which they did. And do. And now the defendants are asking for financial compensation:

BTP Arms (where the Aurora shooter sourced his tear gas) wants $23,714.99 for attorney fees and $33,569.89 in “relief.” Sportsman Guide *where the Aurora shooter sourced 700 shotgun shells, a 100-round drum magazine, a laser sight, and ear pro) is in for $73,037.87. (a.k.a., Lucky Gunner) asked the court for $151,574.70.

Chances are they’ll get it. Encouraged and …read more

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