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By Robert Farago

LT General Russel Honore (courtesy

TTAG reader NEIOWA read Lt General Russel Honore’s comments about “America’s gun culture” and email the retired military man:


Your recent comments, as reported in the libtard US Today newpaper, regarding the firearms are poorly informed. Or worse. Given the very poor accuracy of this rag, perhaps US Today’s reporting does not accurately reflect your comments or opinions. The lowest quality “newspaper” in the US and not the place to appear. However, if accurate I would like to offer to help you with references that will assist with properly retraining yourself on this critical part of our constitution . . .

The 2nd Amendment DOES guarantee that citizens can carry any individual weapon, anywhere at any time they may choose. Unfortunately the world has changed and citizens have become aware they need to take responsibility for protecting themselves and their family. The government has no responsibility, ability, or demonstrated competence to do such..

We both took an oath to the Constitution. There is no sunset and it is important to understand it.

Lt General Russel Honore (Ret) wrote back:

Okay thanks for reaching out ,and your offer to help , I am aware of the right to bare arms , Iam saying …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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