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By John A. Heatherly

6 weeks alone in Yellowstone? This dog is a survivor! How did they find him?

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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – It’s highly likely that no one will ever know what Jade the Australian shepherd did for six weeks in Yellowstone National Park.

For her owner, all that really matters is she’s back at her Highlands Ranch home.

“I thought she was gone for good,” Jade’s owner David Sowers said.

It all started on July 23, when Sowers and his girlfriend Laura Gillice were driving through Yellowstone with Jade. That’s when another driver crossed the yellow line and hit their vehicle head on.

Sowers and Gillice were injured, and Jade ran off.

“I was convinced she was gone,” Sowers said. “I thought she’d probably gone three or four miles deep into the woods.”

They never gave up hope, though. For six weeks, there were reports of Jade roaming the park. Sowers and Gillice returned several times to look for her, despite the fact that finding her was a longshot in a park known for wildlife other than dogs.

“The wolves were a concern, of course,” Gillice said. “And just the wildlife and the bears.”

A week ago, they …read more

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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