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By Jenn Jacques

Sometimes, you stumble onto a word that can make all the difference in your Second Amendment rights. As I was taught in my CCP certification class, and have been quite vocal about both here on Bearing Arms as well as the NRA News program Cam & Company, Wisconsin residents holding a legal concealed carry permit can be allowed to carry on school grounds.

After posting the article Protecting America’s Children, a fellow Wisconsinite reached out to me for clarification on my assertion that “In the state of Wisconsin, concealed carry permit holders can request permission to carry from the principal of their local school, and a new law just went into effect this year allowing both off duty and retired LEO’s to carry in schools as well.”

Wisconsin legislators passed the bill allowing retired and off duty LEO’s to carry on school grounds along with the repeal of the 48 hour waiting period on gun purchases which Governor Walker signed into law on June 24, 2015. Although a bill to reinstate the 48 hour waiting period was just introduced by Wisconsin Democrats, who, you may recall, famously fled Wisconsin into Illinois to avoid a vote …read more

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