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By Ammoland

Defense Training International, Inc

By John Farnam

Flood of Refugees from Libya
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “There are some things which you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that may not happen!” ~ CIA Axiom

Western Europe now has its own “Mexico!”

Strict border controls were mercifully in effect throughout Western Europe and the UK through the mid-1980s. In fact, border police and customs officers were always wonderfully famous for their lack of a sense of humor, particularly in Germany!

Then, the “United States of Europe” idea caught on, and “open borders” became chic and trendy!

Chaos was postponed for only a short time, and the naive actually thought “open borders” were a good idea, until a never-ending flow of “refugees” started arriving, in ever-increasing hoards, from war-torn mid-East, north Africa, and others of the world’s more famous shit-holes. Most are Islamic and hence non-productive, non-contributing, non-assimilating, and permanently consumptive of increasingly-exhausted welfare services.

Friends in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the UK are all anxiously bracing for dangerously unstable times in all of Europe during at least the next two decades.

An Islamic political take-over is likely. Some say inevitable!

As in the USA, violent crime is way up in virtually all metro areas. Because …read more

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