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By David Codrea

You are Leaving Free America Welcome to New Jersey

By David Codrea

Easily available neighborhood guns, next exit!
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USA – -( “Need a gun? Your Manasquan area neighbor could easily sell you a semi-automatic,” Tom Davis of The Patch advises New Jersey readers.

And because of the Patch’s regional business model, the same story is available with area headline modifications for Hoboken, West Depford, Toms River, Middletown, Point Pleasant…

That’s funny—you have to get all the way down to #25 Montclair on this list before you can find “hyperlocal” New Jersey Patch coverage, suggesting a certain preferred clientele…

No matter, because according to Davis;

“In New Jersey, you may be able buy a [sic] one — semi-automatic or otherwise — just by walking next door.

“In the wake of the terrorism attacks that killed or injured scores of people in Paris on Friday, NJcom produced a story Monday that shows how guns are readily available throughout New Jersey – and, in some cases, being sold right from a person’s kitchen table,” Davis breathlessly reveals to us.

“[T]here are 368 federal fireman’s licensed (FFL) gun businesses in New Jersey, and at least 140 operate from homes,” Davis continues. “And getting one may be easier …Read the Rest

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