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By Bob Owens

The Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) appears to be a brilliant design evolution that will bring precision rifle shooting to the masses.

Just down the highway from me in New Hill, NC, hidden in the woods down a dusty dirt road winding through the pines, is Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club. Woody’s is private club dedicated to long range field shooting and hunting, and hosts numerous precision rifle competitions every year.

I watched some of the best precision rifle shooters in the world compete there last year during a designated marksman’s match.

I’d love to be able to participate in that kind of shooting competition, but the barrier cost-to-entry is prohibitively high for me, as it is for most others. The starting price for many of the bolt-action rifles used in this kind of shooting starts around $4,000 for an Accuracy International, and can quickly climb to $10,500 for a Sako TRG M10.

The newly announced Ruger Precision Rifle (RCR) looks to change the equation.

Firearms design tends to be evolutionary instead of revolutionary, and the Ruger Precision Rifle is the result of a company that took the time to understand the wants and …read more

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