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By Chris Eger

The Lone Star State is next-level in many regards when it comes to premium firearm makers that have set up shop in Texas.
Here are some of the cooler ones, in alphabetical order.
Alamo Precision
Billed as, “The best rifle this side of the Pecos,” Alamo Precision in Hurst produced 539 rifles in 2018. They craft custom rifles starting at $2,495 in such specialty calibers as .22 Creedmoor and 6mm GT.

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Bond Arms
Who says a derringer has to be a .22? Bond Arms doesn’t think so. Take this Dead Man’s Hand series .45 Colt, for instance. (Photo: Chris Eger/
Located in Granbury, Texas, Bond Arms has been around for 25 years and their diverse line of derringers are billed as ” smallest, most powerful personal protection you can carry.” While in the past, derringers pretty


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