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By Micah Rate

Gareth Glaser, CEO of LodeStar Firearms and a corporate executive of thirty years, thinks his new idea for smart guns will save lives. The new smart gun technology, which really isn’t new, would only allow for a gun’s rightful owner to fire the weapon if they were using the proper “token.” Bearing Arms has covered the topic of smart guns in the past and understands that, in the words of David, “smart guns prove people aren’t.

For those who are unfamiliar with smart guns and tokens, a token is a small object that would “send a signal to a “smart gun” held in that person’s hand allowing for the trigger to operate … [the token would need to be] within inches of the trigger.”

Glaser has suggested a few different kinds of tokens for his firearms, and he thinks gun owners would be willing to pay a little extra for the safety feature. That wishful thinking is unlikely to occur. Gun owners familiar with these kinds of firearms know that tokens, as well as the technology itself, possess some serious flaws.

One of Glaser’s tokens would involve a microchip, which would be implanted between …Read the Rest

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