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By Dave Workman

Martin County, KY Sheriff John Kirk is shown here in a screen snip from YouTube and East Kentucky Broadcasting.

U.S.A.-( A county sheriff in Kentucky may be in for some interesting times and a good deal of publicity for telling a fiscal court meeting that his agency is owed a $75,000 payment from the court, so he temporarily suspended law enforcement services and posted a message to his constituents via social media.

And the message was blunt: “Lock your doors, load your guns and get a biting, barking dog.”

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk is in the spotlight, and apparently not without justification. Local governments in eastern Kentucky are all reportedly feeling a pinch due to a decline in coal severance tax revenues, but Kirk appears to be the only one so far advising his neighbors to load up. It’s the sort of thing that may make for a good storyline in a “B” western, but in a modern world of political correctness, that sort of reasoning makes liberals quiver.

The story has been reported by the Washington Times and other news agencies. But Kirk’s remark may “put him on the map” as he has emerged as one of …Read the Rest

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