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By Ammoland

Bill Frady and Ted Nugent
Bill Frady and Ted Nugent
Lock N Load Radio
Lock N Load Radio

USA – -( On my way to the recent NRA 2016 Meet Up, I got a call from Linda Peterson, PR Director for

Ted has been a frequent guest on my show, Lock N Load for over 4 years now, so when Linda calls, I always answer.

Linda wanted to know if I was going and if so would I interview Ted?

A little background if I may. Lock N Load, is syndicated by Genesis Communications Network and has been for 2 years now. But it wasn’t always this way. It started out as a webcast/podcast, and in 2012 in our 1st month I was downloaded a whopping 21 times.

But my live listeners proved to be both loyal and quite resourceful. One evening in the summer of 2012, I was waiting on Larry Pratt of Gunowners of America to come on, and at the appointed time a call pops up on the incoming board , but with the wrong area code.

And that was the entrance of Ted Nugent into the Lock N Load hoards.

It was, …Read the Rest

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