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Keith Glasscock is an outstanding competitive shooter, who has finished second at the F-Class National Championships (F-Open) multiple times. Keith is also a skilled wind coach who runs the popular Winning in the Wind YouTube Channel. Along with his interest in mid-range and long-range F-Class competition, Keith also enjoys game hunting and varmint adventures.
Developing accurate hand-loaded ammo for hunting and varmint rifle can benefit from some procedures that may be a bit different than loading for a match rifle. You want to be efficient, and use the types of brass and bullets you’ll be using on the hunts. In two recent videos, Keith shows how he developed good accurate loaded for a .223 Rem varmint rifle and a .308 Win Hunting Rifle.
.223 Rem Load Development — Powder Charge and Seating Depth
In the first video, Keith covers the load development process for a Remington 700 bolt-action varmint rifle chambered in .223 Remington. Keith starts by full-length sizing the brass. Then he experimented with powder charge weights, and came up with a promising load of 24.7 grains of Alliant AR Comp with Hornady 50gr A-Max bullets.

Next Keith experimented with seating depths (see 5:30-6:100) and found that accuracy improved as he changed OAL

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