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By Tim

That video is a dashcam capture of an attempted carjacking that took place some time ago, but was only shared to the web earlier this week. Most of the action takes place behind the running dashcam, but the audio is sufficiently clear to allow you to get the flavor of what happened. The victim of this crime actually posted a thread on Reddit where he shared his account of the carjacking attempt and this video.

Many victims of violent crime are caught entirely by surprise because they are not paying attention to the world around them. Descriptions like “he came out of nowhere!” and the like are pretty common when you talk to police who have investigated these crimes. Based on victim statements it is often as if the bad guy beamed down right next to them and stuck a gun in their face. This carjacking, though, wasn’t like that…and I’m willing to bet there are an awful lot of crime victims who have had a similar experience.

The victim here related the following in the Reddit thread:

This happened about 5 months ago. I was having nightmares about being shot in the chest and …Read the Rest

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