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By John Falkenberg

MEMPHIS, TN — In an amazing case of on-the-job and responsible carry, an employee at a loquor store in Memphis, Tennessee, shot and killed a man attempting to rob the store.

Apparently, the armed robber had victimized more than one establishment.

At about 11p.m. Saturday night, the man came into the employee’s liquor store and attempted to rob him, reports WREG.

When that happened, the employee simply produced his firearm and shot him.

The robber did not survive the exchange.

Although that would have been a story unto itself, but what the employee didn’t know is that he had just stopped a serial robber.

As WREG reports:

“The FBI recently linked eight liquor store robberies in the Memphis area. The first robbery was March 29th, at Budget Liquor store on Summer Avenue.

“The most recent happened at Midtown Wine and Spirits along Poplar Wednesday. Investigators say in each case, the man walks into the store wearing a ski mask.

“In all eight of the robberies, the FBI says the guy points a gun at his victims and demands money from the register.

“After grabbing cash he then orders the victims on the ground before fleeing the scene.”

Well, not anymore.

Although anyone losing their life is …Read the Rest

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