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By GDC Staff

While all gun owners wistfully wish on Christmas Eve for a gamut of guns under the Christmas tree, lugging all those presents isn’t easy for the big guy. For that reason, brings you its top 10 list of handguns that won’t break Santa’s back as he shimmies down the chimney.
1. Ruger LCP II

The Ruger LCP II brings a lightweight .380 option to Santa’s bag with a capacity of 6+1. Weighing 10.6-ounces, the LCP II measures 5.17-inches with a 2.75-inch barrel. The compact handgun provides a larger grip frame surface for gun owners to grasp while also keep to a concealable size. Featuring an easy to rack slide, the LCP II is priced around $350.
2. Glock 42

Bringing Gaston’s approach to the .380, the Glock 42 slips onto the list tipping scales at 13.76-ounces. The Baby Glock, as it is affectionately called, is an ultra-compact version of the company’s widely loved design. Featuring an overall length of 5.94-inches, the Glock 42 is a favored companion of concealed carriers due to its small stature and reliable construction. The Glock 42 comes with a price tag of $400.
3. Sig P938-22 Target Micro Champion

Ushering in the first .22LR, Sig Sauer brings a compact stature


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