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By gunwriter There are a number of myths associated with laser sights and lights on defensive handguns. There are also some given facts. For example, you cannot shoot the bad guy if you cannot see your sights. And, you have no business shooting at a bad guy unless you know he is a bad guy. Sometimes the myths get in the way of the facts. Some argue a laser sight will become a crutch, detrimental to shooting. Well I got news for you; sometimes we need a crutch. Every defensive handgun shooter should train to use their fixed sights but what they will find problematic is seeing those sights when faced with a real threat. Target focus can make all but the easiest to see sights – like XS Big Dot Sights – near impossible to pick up. That’s where the laser comes in. If zeroed correctly, when you draw to see your sights, you’ll see the laser on the bad guy because that’s where your focus will be. If I’m having trouble walking, I’ll take a crutch. If I’m having trouble shooting I’ll take one too. Weapon light application is often misunderstood and some argue they circumvent the need …Read the Rest

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