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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Life-Saving Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters

USA -( A colleague once received a pair of jumper cables from his father-in-law for Christmas. The only response he could give was, “Thanks, I hope I never need them.”

They may not have had the charm of a new set of golf clubs, but those jumper cables have bailed him out of more serious trouble than any sand wedge. Life jackets and safety harnesses fall into that category of unexciting gifts, but they may be the only things under the tree this Christmas that could save your loved one’s life.

The most common hunting fatalities each year include falling from a tree stand and drowning after a boating accident. Every death is tragic, but suddenly losing a loved one to an accident can turn people’s worlds upside down in an instant. Knowing that death could have been avoided by simply wearing a piece of safety gear makes this sort of hunting accident even more painful.

According to the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, 3 in 10 hunters who use tree stands will have an accident at some point in their hunting career. The proper use of safety equipment can separate those fatal or life-changing accidents into …Read the Rest

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