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By Jenn Jacques


I cannot imagine the horror the survivors of last night’s attack in Paris witnessed and I pray peace and comfort will embrace the family and friends of the victims. I watched the reports of the attacks unfold on HD, and like many Americans, sat in disbelief feeling helpless and dumbfounded.

As information flooded the airwaves (and honestly right from the start) we knew who had committed these heinous atrocities on the innocent people of France. The threat was made clear and it was only a matter of time before their vow to retaliate was honored. Cut to our President addressing the American people he was elected to serve transparently admitting “I don’t want to speculate on who did this.”

Don’t worry, we all know he didn’t want to speculate much less admit it was the Islamic State responsible for the terrorist attack on France. You know, the same Islamic State he claimed just a few hours earlier was “contained” by US forces?

Searching for information on Twitter for this ‘incoming information’ the President said would be forthcoming, I shouldn’t have been but I was still shocked to see liberals using the tragedy in Paris to call for …Read the Rest

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