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By Tom Knighton

Many of us have watched Antifa from a distance. We watched them basically burn down Berkeley because they didn’t like a speaker slated to talk at the university. We watched as they rioted in downtown Washington, D.C. all because they could deal with defeat after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. We saw them do the same throughout the campaign as they thought violence was the way to beat Trump in the first place.

We’ve seen them hit people with bicycle locks and place M-80’s in glass bottles to form makeshift hand grenades. We’ve seen all of this.

Yet, Newsweek would like to pretend this doesn’t exist and that gun company Spike’s Tactical is the threatening one.

Street-level politics, more specifically an ongoing conflict between white supremacist demonstrators and antifa, or anti-fascist counterprotesters, has become a big news story following the rise of Donald Trump. Now a gun company is using anger over antifa to sell dangerous assault rifles to only one side.

Spike’s Tactical, a gun company, previewed an ad on its Facebook page that depicts four heavily armed white men standing on the opposite side of a barrier and facing down a group of masked, unarmed antifa …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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