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By Jenn Jacques

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Reacting to the National Rifle Association’s dissent on Louisville, KY for their Annual Meeting this week, cartoonist Marc Murphy penned an ignorant and offensive cartoon to commemorate the occasion.

Implying the NRA kills children under the Second Amendment, Murphy “welcomed” the NRA to Louisville, but his post received less than a stellar welcome with gun owners:

.@MurphyCartoons @courierjournal I was at the convention in Nashville last year and Indy the year before that. Crime went DOWN during both.

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) May 16, 2016

What does this one even mean? That @NRA organizes posses during their conventions? Posses. The 1-2:30 breakout.

— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons) May 16, 2016

@MurphyCartoons @NRA @courierjournal Nevermind those who SAVE children’s lives using firearms. Of course, you love abortion so no matter

— Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind) May 16, 2016

Libturd doesn’t know the facts, @MurphyCartoons. @NRA helps protect left wing @courierjournal. #2A protects #1A

— Steve Collier (@not_Collier) May 16, 2016

@MurphyCartoons @NRA @courierjournal So original. I see you enjoy the 1st Amendment.

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