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By Tom Beckstrand


Living in the golden age of all things AR, we now have such a complement of rifles, optics and accessories from which to choose that we can find a gun for any mission we could possibly imagine. Whether it be CQB, urban or rural patrolling, static security or sniping, there is a rifle and an optical solution for that mission.

Historically, problems arise when we have to pick one rifle/optic package for a mission that requires us to function across a broader tactical spectrum, like assaulting and sniping or urban and rural patrolling. A soldier or law enforcement officer has enough stuff to carry on such a mission set. Having to carry two different rifles and/or optics to work effectively at both missions is sometimes too much to ask.

Therefore, we often choose our equipment with the knowledge that we will be more effective at one mission and less at the other. In a perfect world we would be able to excel at both, but in the meantime we have limitations to work around. Such are the demands of the battlefield.

The most limiting factor when choosing a rifle/optic combo to work at multiple missions is often the optic. A rifle, especially the …Read the Rest

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