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By Chris Mudgett


In theory, 1-6X variable power optics appear to be an ideal choice for 14½- to 16-inch barreled 5.56/7.62 carbines and have continued to gain popularity as more models have become available. The 1X setting provides quick close-range capability, while the top end delivers the magnification needed to reach out to the maximum effective range of these platforms.


However, like any optic designed to cover a wide range of variables, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  • On 1X, a variable-power optic will never be as fast as a red dot sight. Your head position needs to be more consistent and you’re still looking through a long tube, where parallax is more of an issue, as is the potential of scope shadow.
  • With few exceptions, variable-power optics have yet to achieve true daylight bright reticles. This is due to the complexity of how light is projected onto the reticle and viewed by the eye.
  • Most users of low-power variable optics use only two settings, minimum power and maximum power, which requires the user to twist a power adjustment ring.


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