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By Greg Camp

Letter to an American Gun Lover - from a Man who has Surrendered
Letter to an American Gun Lover – from a Man who has Surrendered

Fayetteville, AR – page say that he’s been in the ministry for about two decades, on staff currently at the North Raleigh Community Church that declares, “We don’t organize around agreed-upon doctrines. We organize around a way of relating.”

Don’t you feel better already? If you’re like me, you said no. I want to see facts and logic, but it’s clear from Pavlovitz’s writing that he focuses on emotion. He declares at the start that he’s not going to argue the evidence and not going to think through to a conclusion. In his view, these things would be an act of “violence with you as a way of protesting violence.

I’ll take that as a concession that he can’t make an effective case for his position. But despite his touchy-feely affectations, he turns passive-aggressive, spewing accusations while pretending to be a paragon of peaceful virtue.

Contrary to Pavlovitz’s assertions, I do care when people are murdered, whether one at a time or in groups. But I think that when we seek solutions, they should show evidence of doing good. And gun control doesn’t qualify. Again and …Read the Rest

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