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army third arm device testing

army third arm device aliens

The U.S. Army is testing a mechanical “third arm” device designed to boost soldiers’ accuracy and mitigate fatigue.

Looking straight out of the classic 1986 film “Aliens,” the “third arm” attaches to the back hip. This shifts some of the weight burden in soldiers’ arms and shoulders to the abdomen. That’s important because soldiers will likely be asked to carry heavier weapons in coming battles.

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Third Arm Prototype

The “third arm” project, developed by the Army Research Lab, was unveiled last year and is scheduled to be tested by 15 soldiers this spring.

“Right now we have a prototype that’s essentially a research platform that we’re using to investigate different types of materials — how materials and structures can stabilize a weapon or a shield, reduce fatigue on the Soldiers’ arms, but also improve accuracy,” said Army Research Lab mechanical engineer Dan Baechle.

The Army is on its second prototype. The current prototype is 3.5 pounds and is capable of supporting the …Read the Rest

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