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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Lethal Force Aftermath: What You Need To Know About Bondsmen, Attorneys, and Legal Protection

Are You Truly Ready For The Aftermath of An Armed Defensive Encounter?
The event that you hoped to never experience has arrived. A dangerous predator has targeted you and your loved ones for victimization. He is either attempting to seriously harm you, rape you, rob you, or kill you.
Luckily, you managed to survive the deadly force encounter due to your advance preparation. You bought a firearm, learned how to use it, increased your situational awareness, and acquired a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.
The bad guy and the threat that he brought to you and your loved ones have been neutralized by your armed defensive response. Have you given any consideration as to what happens next?
The Law Office of Jim Makowski, the Law Office of Terry Johnson, and Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit are organizing a FREE seminar to inform you about everything you need to know in the aftermath of an armed self-defense encounter.
The Seminar will feature modules from a member Law Enforcement, a Bail Bondsman, an attorney, and a legal protection representative.
Topics will include but is not limited to the following
– What should you do immediately after a …read more

Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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