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By C. J. Daniel

NOTE: Turn your volume off when watching the video. The version originally posted had no audio, but the YouTube version has some pointless noise.

This video was recently shared on Facebook by the American Warrior Society. For those who do not know, the American Warrior Society is a website and podcast created by Mike Seeklander. If you don’t know who Mike Seeklander is you owe it to yourself to look him up.

But Mike is not the subject today. The video below is. It is very enlightening and a in-depth review can offer some insight into areas of training often overlooked.

What we start with is a man, standing in what appears to be a Subway Restaurant, with either his wallet or phone in his weak hand. At approximately 8 seconds everyone we can see turns and focuses on something out of the view of the camera. They seem to be in shock as two men enter with the clear intent to rob the establishment. The events unfold from there.

The first thing you will notice is a person (we’ll call him suspect #1) walking up to the man at the counter (we’ll call …Read the Rest

Source:: Gun Nuts Media

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