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By Salvatore

In the first installment of this article we discussed the details to consider prior to adopting a less lethal weapon into your everyday carry system as an armed citizen. In this installment we will take a look at the alternatives available. This is by no means an exhaustive list of less lethal weapons, but here I attempt to touch on the most common and obtainable options for the armed citizen to adopt for carry.

Chemical Sprays

Perhaps the most commonly carried less lethal option are chemical sprays of some type. The most used, and arguable most effective, is OC spray, which stands for oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), made from the hot abstract of peppers. As you would imagine, this spray works by causing significant, and often downright sever, pain and inflammation to the recipient if sprayed in the eyes and face, and it often forces the eyes shut. It also can cause uncontrollable hacking and coughing when inhaled, and it inflames mucus membranes. This less lethal option tends to be my top recommendation for most people for a couple of reasons. First, unlike a contact weapon, the spray gives you the ability to avoid making contact with the threat, at least …Read the Rest

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