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By Salvatore

For most of us who go armed the central weapon in our daily routine is a concealed handgun. The handgun is, bar none, the most effective form of personal defense an individual can carry concealed on the body. However, there are good reasons to seek defensive alternatives to the handgun, and this can encompass other lethal force options, such as edged weapons, or less lethal options such as chemical spray, focused impact, or conducted electric weapons. Notice I refer to “less lethal” rather than “non-lethal” as any of these devices have the potential to inflict lethal results if an individual has a particular vulnerability or condition, or if a situation simply escalates beyond what is anticipated. The two primary reasons for the carry of less lethal defense is for those circumstances when you cannot be fully armed with a firearm for legal reasons, or as a daily supplement to your firearm for hostile, yet perhaps not deadly, aggressors. I aim to primarily address the later concern here.

Utilizing a firearm is appropriate when facing a violent threat that poses eminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm. The principles of when one is justified to use lethal force is an extensive …Read the Rest

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