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By Robert Farago

We’ve fisked Leonard Pitts more than a few times here on TTAG. Today’s installment [via] surrounds Lenny’s article, As toddlers are sadly proving, a gun only makes a home less secure. You know the drill: it’s more likely that a kid in the home will shoot himself with a gun than a gun owner will use a firearm to defend his family. It’s the anti-gun rights crusaders’ go-to argument, mandatory for convincing disarmed Americans to remain disarmed, and vote for measures that disarm armed Americans. Lenny asserts that the belief that a home defense gun helps a home owner defend their home is “completely at odds with statistical fact.” Which raises an important question . . .

How many times do home owners use a gun to defend their home? You know; setting aside the obvious deterrent effect in gun-equipped neighborhoods. Strangely, Mr. Pitts doesn’t once mention the statistical evidence regarding defensive gun uses (DGU’s). tells us that the lowest estimate – prepared by notorious anti-gun rights researched David Hemenway – pegs that number at approximately 55,000-80,000 DGU’s per year.

How many of those occur in the …Read the Rest

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