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By Robert A. Sadowski

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<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-bersa" data-cycle-desc="Bersa BP9CC: Caliber: 9mm; BARREL: 3.3 inches; OA Length: 6.35 inches; Weight: 21.5 ounces (empty); GRIPS: Polymer; SIGHTS: Three-dot; ACTION: Striker-fired; Finish: Matte black, OD Green; Capacity: 8+1; MSRP: $430" data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-fnh" data-cycle-desc="FNS-9 Compact: Caliber: 9mm; BARREL: 3.6 inches; OA Length: 6.7 inches; Weight: 23.4 ounces (empty); GRIPS: Polymer; SIGHTS: Three-dot; ACTION: Striker-fired; Finish: Matte black; Capacity: 12+1, 17+1; MSRP: $470" data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-glock" data-cycle-desc="Glock 43: Caliber: 9mm; BARREL: 3.39 inches; OA Length: 6.26 inches; Weight: 17.95 ounces (empty); GRIPS: Polymer; SIGHTS: Fixed; ACTION: Safe Action; Finish: Matte black; Capacity: 6+1, 17+1; MSRP: $580" data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-kahr" data-cycle-desc="Kahr CM9: Caliber: 9mm; BARREL: 3 inches; OA Length: 5.42 inches; Weight: 15.9 ounces (empty); GRIPS: Polymer; SIGHTS: Night front,
adjustable rear; ACTION: Striker-fired; Finish: Matte black; Capacity: 6+1; MSRP: $490" data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-ruger" data-cycle-desc="Ruger SR9c: Caliber: 9mm; BARREL: 3.4 inches; OA Length: 6.9 inches; Weight: 23.4 ounces (empty); GRIPS: Polymer; SIGHTS: Adjustable three-dot; ACTION: Striker-fired; Finish: Stainless, matte black; Capacity: 10+1, 17+1; MSRP: $529" data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwon15-sfp-sig" data-cycle-desc="Sig Sauer …read more

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