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Lehigh Defense Solid Copper Monolithic Wide Flat Nose Bullets

New Product Release: Solid Copper Monolithic Wide Flat Nose (WFN) Bullets.

Lehigh Defense Solid Copper Monolithic Wide Flat Nose Bullets
Lehigh Defense
Lehigh Defense

USA – -( Are you looking for a Wide Flat Nose Bullet that guarantees better performance than a Lead or Hardcast WFN bullet?

Look no further. At the request of our valued customers, Lehigh Defense is introducing a line of Wide Flat Nose (WFN) Bullets.

Why would you choose a WFN bullet from Lehigh Defense?

Solid Copper Monolithic Construction.

  • The Solid Copper Construction makes the bullet a Bone Crushing Deep Penetrating bullet that will not fragment.
  • Eliminates Lead Fouling in the barrel while eliminating the need for a Gas Check.
  • Our WFN Product Family eliminates lead thus making them user and environmentally friendly.
  • Does having to use lube on your bullets drive you crazy? Throw away that tube of lube, you don’t need it anymore!

We know that there is nothing flashy or exotic about our WFN bullets, but our customers wanted to improve the performance of their lead and Hardcast WFN bullets so we gave them a Lehigh Quality Bullet. Our current product offering includes two calibers, the .452 and the .475, with more to come.

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