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By Tom Knighton

The NRA has gotten a lot of bad press lately, and that’s about par for the course. I’m not sure any organization has been as vilified by the media as the National Rifle Association in recent years, and I’m including ISIS in that mix. They have done all they could to make it out like every school shooting is the result of the NRA’s involvement in politics.

As the media has allowed people like the Parkland kids to have their say unchallenged on the air, while NRA advocates are usually matched with an anti-gunner in an effort to present “balance,” it’s not surprising. I still remember someone dropping my support for the NRA in an argument as if it were some kind of trump card that proved everything I said could be dismissed.

Now, it seems the left is arguing that the NRA is more hated than ever, even though the media has no moved on from talking about guns.

The National Rifle Association is striking out with voters.

A new report from the progressive think tank Navigator Research shows the NRA has suffered “lasting damage” since the Parkland shooting. In fact, Navigator writes “the group is now underwater, …Read the Rest

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