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By Kelly Pidgeon

On more than one occasion, people have ripped on me about my shooting stance – “You’re bent over too much.” “You shouldn’t stand like that.” Well folks, shooting stance is different for everyone.

The shooting stance is not going to be identical for everyone, and every situation might need a different one. The shooting position must be balanced and comfortable. So, based on your body type, where you carry your weight and your training methods, this will vary. One thing that’s for sure whatever your stance is, you need to be stable in it, so if I were to come and push on your shoulder, you wouldn’t fall over.

If I’m just out plinking with my .22LR long barrel, I’m in a taller isosceles stance. But if I’m training for defense, I’m in what my trainer likes to call, the combat assault position. See, when you’re in a defensive shooting position, it’s helpful to make yourself a smaller, more difficult target to your threat. So why in the world would I want to stand nice and tall (and I’m pretty tall) and give my threat a better shot at me? I wouldn’t. Also, when I’m training from a running position, I notice …Read the Rest

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