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By Zeke Y

The Biden-Harris Administration is wielding the ATF as a weapon to assault your God-given rights by putting as many firearm dealers out of business as possible over minor clerical errors.
Last year, Federal Firearm License (FFL) revocations hit a 16-year high after the Biden Administration changed the definition of what constitutes a “willful” violation and implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy for gun dealers.
In fact, Gun Owners of America has obtained leaked documents which demonstrate that Biden’s ATF has been deliberately obscuring these rules to increase the number of FFL revocations.
Without an FFL, dealers cannot legally sell guns, stores are forced to close, and Americans in the surrounding community are no longer able to easily access their Second Amendment rights.
But there’s also an even more sinister motive…
You see, when a gun store with an FFL goes out of business, the ATF requires that the store submit all of their records – including firearm transaction records – to the ATF.
This gives the ATF a convenient method to expand their illegal national gun registry that already comprises nearly a BILLION of these records.
We’re fighting back against this illegal gun registry in Congress and in court. In fact, our attorneys will be battling the ATF in

Source: Gun Owners of America

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