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By Tactical-Life

Ronald B. Turk, the Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), has written an 11-page proposal calling for an examination of ways to reduce or modify gun regulations in the United States.

The ATF white paper, obtained by the Washington Post, includes 16 different “points for discussion,” including doing away with restrictions on the sale of suppressors, and letting dealers have more guns used in crimes traced to their stores before the government requires additional information from those dealers, among several others, the Post says.

The executive summary portion of the paper states that the proposal is “intended to provide ideas and provoke conversation; it is not guidance or policy of any kind.”

Turk writes:

ATF is the only Federal law enforcement agency with a primary mission that directly involves an Amendment to the United States Constitution. Thus, our actions and policies are appropriately subjected to intense review and scrutiny. This paper serves to provide the new Administration and the Bureau multiple options to consider and discuss regarding …Read the Rest

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