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By Tom Knighton

Jacksonville, Florida is reeling from a rash of murders in the city. Like any community, the city wants to curb that violence and is willing to do whatever it can to do so.

I don’t blame it.

What’s important here, though, is that its list of fast fixes doesn’t include gun control.

[State Representative Tracie] Davis, along with Senator Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, pastors, mothers of murdered kids, and concerned residents gathered at Elizabeth Powell Park where a 24-year old man and a 14-year-old boy died last week by gun violence.

“So we want to offer solutions for today, not solutions for March, after March 19, not solutions for April, not solutions for May, we need solutions right now that need to be implemented,” Gibson said.

She added that its time to declare a state of urgency. Some of the solutions included calling on the City Council to release funding for after-school programs as well as calling on the governor to bring in State Troopers and possibly the National Guard to help patrol the city streets.

Gibson also stood by the idea of implementing a stricter curfew.

The curfew isn’t just for youth, either.

Now, after-school programs and calling for additional law enforcement officers are probably …Read the Rest

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