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By Ammoland

Trump Supporters Attacked

By Major Van Harl

Trump Supporters Attacked
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( So you are a 60-something retired couple who has gone to a political rally to support your presidential candidate.

The opposition has sent in their operatives to try and disrupt the meeting. If they cannot affect a disturbance inside the actual campaign hall, they lie in wait outside to confront the individual supporters as they attempt to leave in peace.

Confront, provoke, damage and record, this is the tactics of the left.

This was the tactics used by the Kremlin supported violent protests during the Vietnam War. This was the tactics of the “Brown Shirt” fascists of 1930s Europe. This is nothing new, only a better world-wide video audience.

If people are harassed or worse yet hurt during the planned and orchestrated verbal assault that turns physical, so what, it is good video footage that will be uploaded on line that day.

After being afraid for your safety and your spouse’s safety you make it to what you believe is the sanctuary of your vehicle with plans to get out of the area post haste and home to security. As you …Read the Rest

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