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By Bob Owens


96.2% of all mass shootings between January of 1998 and December of 2015 have taken place in so-called “gun free zones,” where public and private entities forbade the open and/or concealed carry of firearms. Almost all of them have passed without anyone suing to hold the site of the mass shooting responsible for poor security. That has now changed.

The survivors of a 2015 mass shooting outside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood are suing Planned Parenthood for not having adequate security in place to protect staff and patrons of the facility.

Victims of the November attack at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood have filed a lawsuit against the clinic and its parent company alleging that the shooting was both predictable and preventable.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Denver District Court on Friday, alleges that given the long history of violent acts and threats at clinics, Planned Parenthood should have known that an attack was likely at the Colorado Springs facility. Given that knowledge, Planned Parenthood failed to provide adequate security and did not alert people at the clinic that they were at “risk of injury or death.”

Planned Parenthood failed to have an armed security guard at the …Read the Rest

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