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By Tom Knighton

There are a lot of kids having a rough time in life and need safe places to stay. That’s why we have foster families. The idea is that rather than stacking kids up like cordwood in orphanages, we can give them something that resembles a home life. It may be temporary, but it’s closer to an actual family.

Now, there are plenty of foster family horror stories out there, but that’s because the good ones don’t make the news. We don’t hear about the foster families who provide love, support and help shape productive members of society.

But in Michigan, there’s an odd requirement that’s being challenged. It seems that foster families aren’t allowed to have any unsecured firearms in the home. None. For any reason.

Recently, the cased made a key step forward.

A lawsuit filed in a Michigan federal court last year challenging a state policy mandating foster parents store guns locked and unloaded will proceed, according to documents filed last week. U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney sided with William and Jill Johnson, residents of Ontonagon — a village bordering Lake Superior on Michigan’s upper peninsula — who claim the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services …Read the Rest

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