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By Chris Eger

State Sen. Sharon Nelson earned a one-seat majority in the Washington Senate with the election last month of Democrat Manka Dhingra, backed in her race by gun control advocates. (Photo: WA Dems)
With Democrats now in charge of both chambers of the state legislature as well as the governor’s mansion, gun control is on the agenda for 2018.
Several Democratic lawmakers joined by gun control advocates announced a series of initiatives last week for the upcoming session, the Redmond Reporter reported. Among these would be a rebooted drive to expand background checks and require licenses for guns deemed “assault weapons” due to cosmetic features, and another to mandate the use of trigger locks and gun safes for firearms not in use.
“Washingtonians want good government and a thriving economy, they want to reduce gun violence, end childhood hunger, create a safe workplace and address a number of other critical issues impacting their families every day,” said Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson in a preview of their legislative agenda for next year.
Besides the bills on gun locks and assault weapons — the latter of which would require a $50 license and provide for felony offenses for non-compliance — proposals pre-filed for 2018 by state Dems


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