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By Tom Knighton

Few laws are more ridiculous than Washington state’s I-1639. It’s a complete cesspool of anti-gun sentiment implemented by people who didn’t have a clue of how the law works, creating a byzantine labyrinth that few can navigate.

Further, it’s being challenged in the courts as the initiative reportedly goes way too far and covers multiple subjects–gun control is too broad to be considered just one issue.

However, a lawmaker has proposed a bill that would render the lawsuit moot, and not in any despicable way, either.

Republican State Rep. Matt Shea introduced a bill Tuesday that would repeal the myriad gun restrictions laid out in I-1639.

“Initiative 1639 is unconstitutional in many respects and punishes law-abiding citizens, while doing nothing to keep firearms away from criminals,” said Shea in a written statement.

In its current form, the law represents the most sweeping, comprehensive gun control legislation in any state. It enacts waiting periods and background checks on the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, an increase to the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, storage requirements for firearms, and a class-C felony for any gun owner whose firearm is used by an unlicensed party.

For Shea’s repeal bill, he touts bipartisan …Read the Rest

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