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By CN Staff

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

Well that didn’t take long. Sunday’s shooting at a video game tournament held at the Jacksonville Landing is about to be the subject of its first lawsuit as a result of the event. As is reporting . . .

A Florida firm plans to file a lawsuit this week alleging that negligent security contributed to Sunday’s mass shooting at The Jacksonville Landing.

Morgan & Morgan attorneys Matt Morgan, Tim Moran and James Young declined to name who the defendants would be in the lawsuit, which is expected to be filed in the next few days.

Matt Morgan said his team is representing several victims in the mass shooting, including one who was shot multiple times.

As we reported yesterday, the Jacksonville Landing is a designated gun-free zone. The shooter murdered two people and injured eleven more before killing himself.

Gun rights supporters have long expressed the opinion that venues that bar the lawful carry of firearms should be held responsible when that prohibition results in injury or death.

“Business as usual on the security front will no longer be tolerated by Americans,” Morgan said. “We …Read the Rest

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