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By Dean Weingarten

Screenshot from Fox 23 report on April 16, 2019

U.S.A.-( In April, two Oklahoma law enforcement departments auctioned off guns they had accumulated. The guns had not been used in crimes, but were seized for a variety of reasons. They were turned into the police by people who did not want them. They were seized from prohibited possessors. They were forfeited as part of plea deals.

Oklahoma County auctioned off about 500 firearms they had collected. The guns were sold to dealers with federal firearms licenses (FFL).

Tulsa County auctioned off over 700 firearms. They collected $129,000 from the auction. If the price per firearm in Tulsa averaged the same as in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma County would have received about $92,000. It is a nice chunk of change. Costs to run the auctions for a few FFL dealers are minimal. From

The sale brought in over $129,000 to offset the department’s budget.

There is no practical advantage of destroying guns rather than selling them. If a dealer does not buy a gun at the auction, he simply buys one from a manufacturer. When the police sell a gun, the money goes to the department instead …Read the Rest

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