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By Bob Owens

An Oregon State Police officer (left) fires his handgun at Robert "Lavoy" Finicum as Finicum reaches into his coat for a 9mm pistol.

The widow of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum is threatening to file a civil rights lawsuit over the death of her husband.

The widow of an anti-government activist who helped take over an Oregon wildlife refuge and was later killed in a confrontation with law enforcement says her husband’s civil rights were violated and she intends to sue, her lawyer confirmed Monday.

Robert Lavoy Finicum’s pursuers were “motivated by political reasons” when they fatally shot him on Jan. 26, attorney Brian Claypool said in a statement.

The FBI and Oregon State Police “escalated the otherwise peaceful demonstration by pursuing Finicum despite his repeated instruction to them that he was on his way” to meet with the local sheriff, Claypool said.

Fincum’s widow, Jeanette, said after the shooting that her husband was “executed in cold blood.”

“My husband was murdered,” said the widow, who was not in the truck when her husband was fatally shot.

A 54-year-old Arizona rancher, Finicum was part of a militia group led by Ammon Bundy that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 and demanded that the feds relinquish control of all public lands and release two local ranchers who were jailed for setting fires.

As the standoff dragged on, Finicum …Read the Rest

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